This week my fiancé Corrine and I went to the Tudor cinema in Comber, Co Down for a charity screening of Back to The Future in aid of the Friendship School Cambodia.

Tudor Cinema, Comber

Perfect surroundings for an all time classic. Deep red coloured walls interrupted only by classic horror posters. Friends and an old classic juke box greeted us on our arrival. The charm of the location was matched only by the charm of Noel Spence our masters of ceramonies for the evening. Noel even had a book of his short stories on sale, willing to sign on request. Crisps, a can of coke and a free choc ice made me feel like a big kid again when going to the cinema was a welcomed holiday from reality. After all the best cinema is pure escapism.  After pleasantries and stories of how other friends got to the somewhat remote location it was time to get reacquainted with Marty and Doc Brown.

The film never ceases to impress me. Michel J Fox as Marty McFly gives a once in a lifetime comedic, sometimes slapstick performance that has stood the test of any timeline. Then there’s Christopher Lloyd and his expressive eyes helping to build and release the ‘against the clock’ tension. The films climax always has me on the edge of my seat despite having seen it hundreds of times. A script still as good as it was in 1985, with set ups and call backs that modern scriptwriters would kill for. They don’t make them like that anymore.

As my fiancé drove home through the dark country lanes and we chatted about the film we reflected that the movie was like a really good friend that we hadn’t seen in a while but getting reacquainted was effortless and so damn fun. A classic movie on the big screen watched with friends and future wife. Wednesday evenings don’t get much better.